Electric Gate Opener – Brisbane

How to Choose the Right Electric Gate Opener in Brisbane

Are you looking for an electric gate opener in Brisbane for keeping your family safe, your privacy, or you just want to make your home look nicer. When choosing an electric gate, there are three things you should consider so you get the right one.

Which Way Should It Swing?

When choosing an electric gate opener in Brisbane, you’ll need to decide how you want your electronic gate to open. You can have it swing inward, or outward away from your property. It can also slide to the side rather than swinging open and closed. If your driveway is sloped downward, it will make it difficult to have a gate that swings inward from the street because the driveway will hinder it. Similarly, a driveway that slopes toward the home is ideal for inward swinging gates. If the fence or wall around your property is curved, especially directly adjacent to the driveway, a sliding gate won’t be the best option. You also need to think about whether the gate leaves room for cars to park once inside your driveway, or whether an outward swinging gate will impede pedestrians and traffic.

Style and Colour

The first thing you need to do when looking at colour and style is to check with your neighborhood council or association in Brisbane if you have one. They may have restrictions on type, style, and colour that you’ll want to be aware of before choosing a gate. You’ll also want to be sure the gate matches well with the architecture of your home and your landscaping. By using powder coated aluminium, you’ll have a choice of colorbond colours and it will add durability, which extends the life of your investment. Our team at QMods Gate Automation and Gates can discuss what style might work best with your property’s features.

Powering Your Electric Gate in Brisbane

There are several different ways to power your gate, and what you choose depends on the  security you want. Obviously, there’s always manual access, but getting out to open and close a gate is not ideal. A better option might be an electronic gate opener that allows you to easily open the gate from the comfort of your car or home.

If you choose an electric gate opener in Brisbane, you’ll need to consider how to power the gates. Running cable from your home is an option, but costly. We have solar powered gates which is a more economical choice. Solar power also means you don’t have issues opening and closing the gate during power outages in Brisbane.

Whatever your needs, QMods Gates & Automation is here to help you and answer any questions you might have. We are proud of our stellar reputation for excellent customer service and stand by our quality gates and openers.

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