Affordable Electric, Electronic, and Solar Gates in Ipswich

Solar gates in Ipswich are an excellent alternative to traditional gate openers. They provide you with several options for your gate and property, distance remote operation, wireless controls, and more. We can install new solar gates in Ipswich, or we can convert your old gate to run on solar power.

You can choose from the DACE Solo-Sprint 500 kg SOLAR Slide Gate Opener, the DACE Single and Double SOLAR DuraSwing Gate Opener.

The DACE Solo-Sprint 500 kg SOLAR Slide Gate Opener is ideal for slide gates that are perfectly level and weigh no more than 500 kg. They comes with a backup battery for emergencies and featured a bright and easy to read LCD screen. They manufactured in South Africa, making it suitable for the harsh conditions you can experience in Australia.

The DACE Single SOLAR DuraSwing Gate Opener is suitable for lighter gates no wider than 4.2 metres and no heavier than 100 kg. These openers are perfect for farms due to their pest and hail proof covering and can be installed pedestal or post mount.

The DACE Double SOLAR DuraSwing Gate Opener is suitable for lighter gates no wider than 4.2 metres and no heavier than 100 kg . The biggest difference between the two is that the Double SOLAR DuraSwing can operate two gates instead of just one.

Our team has extensive knowledge of electric solar gates in Ipswich as we have been working with them for years. We strive to keep our rates low because we don’t think you should have to break the bank to get the quality solar gates in Ipswich you deserve.

Durable Electronic Gates in Ipswich

We carry durable and practical electronic gates in Ipswich for properties of all sizes. Whether you need a gate for your farm or your home, we are sure to have what you desire.

Design Your Own Electric Gates in Ipswich

There is nothing wrong with a factory issue gate. It will do the job you need it to, and that is the most important consideration when purchasing electronic solar gates in Ipswich. However, if you are looking to add a unique look to your gate, QMods Gates & Automation has got you covered. We can help you design the perfect custom gate for your fence and property.

Our custom design options include horizontal and vertical batten slats with tapers, single and double swing tubes, tube sliders, and pedestrian gates for your backyard. We can adorn your new gate with intricate artwork of your own devising.

When you want electric gates that match your artistic sensibilities, consult with one of the professionals at QMods Gates & Automation. We love helping our clients create a gate they will love.

Aluminium Structures

We manufacture all our custom electric gates in Ipswich using aluminium. This material is lightweight and durable, meaning you will get years of use out of your new gate. To further protect your gate, we coat it in powder available in a Colorbond colour of your choosing. This powder seals the gate and prevents weather damage.

For electronic solar gates in Ipswich that are guaranteed to last, place an order with QMods Gates & Automation.

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