Choosing the Right Gate Opener for Your Driveway Gate

Are you Looking to Automate Your Existing Gate

First of all you need to look at when choosing a gate opener is the type of gate you have either sliding or swinging. The next thing you need to determine is the weight of the gate. Finally the last thing is your budget, our extensive range of gate openers can work on all budgets. Therefore you will end up with the right gate opener for your gate.

Below is a basic list to assist in choosing a gate opener to suit your gate.

  1. Gate functionality – Sliding or Swinging (Single or Double Swing, Internal or External Swing)
  2. Weight and design of gate – Material weight, Gate design – Battens or Round Operational weight, gate opening and closing force and wind load
  3. Side room (Swing Gates)- How much side room is there where the gate opener is to be installed
  4. Concrete pad for slide openers
  5. 240 Volt Power or Solar powered
  6. Accessories – Remotes, Long Range Receivers, Keypads, Safety Photo Beams

Choosing a Gate Opener


If you have a smaller budget when choosing a gate opener the Dace gate opener is ideal for you, although the pricing is at the lower end of the scale they still come with good functions and options. As standard, the Dace gate opener comes with 12-volt battery backup, ability to add photo safety beams and wireless keypads.


If you are looking for even more quality or have a heavier gate our mid-range gate openers come with a full metal gearbox for extra strength and reliability. The Dace comes standard with 12-volt battery backup, Elsema is optional. Both gate openers have the ability to add photo safety beams and wireless keypads.


Our top of the range and most noteworthy are our Elsema gate openers they come with a full metal gearbox, fully also adjustable logic’s and functions.  Some of the extra options we can add to the installation of your gate opener are wireless keypad entry, photo eye safety beams, automatic closing, pedestrian entry, exit loop detectors, battery backup and inter grading your garage door and gate to work off one remote. As a result of the high quality of the Elsema gate motors you receive a 3 year product warranty for peace of mind.