Automatic Aluminium Driveway Gate – Brisbane

Automatic Aluminium Gates Brisbane

Looking for an Aluminium Driveway Gate in Brisbane? Consider This:

Are you considering having an automatic aluminium driveway gate installed in Brisbane?

You’re concerned about privacy or safety?

Are you looking to improve the aesthetics of your property?

Maybe it’s an attempt to keep out salespeople who seem to hound you daily.

Whatever the reason you’re considering an automatic aluminium gate in Brisbane, there are things you should think about before making your final selection.

Iron or timber used to be the material of choice for driveway gates, but aluminium is surpassing other materials as the choice for driveway entrance gate construction because of its strength and durability

Let’s look at a few other factors to consider when choosing an automatic gate.

QMods Gates & Automation

Aluminium Cost Less

Aluminium is less expensive than wrought iron.

The great thing about aluminium is it can be made to look like more expensive wrought iron at a fraction of the cost. This is great news for someone who is looking for an elaborately designed gate with ornate features in Brisbane.

Aluminium driveway gates made with wrought iron might carry a heftier price tag, weigh more and will rust. While the same gate made with aluminium will be less expensive lighter and will never rust.

Making it more cost effective and fitting in to your budget a bit easier. Whether it’s ornate, batten or a simple design, aluminium is more cost effective than iron saving you money.

Aluminium is Versatile with Aesthetic Appeal

Aluminium can be just as classy and ornate as iron, especially when you are going for the look and feel of classic wrought iron.

Our aluminium can be powder coated in any colorbond colour of your choice, and you can choose between styles like sliding or swinging aluminium gates, manual or automatic.

We build our own aluminum driveway gates, QMods Gates and Automation can be flexible in design.

Aluminium is Lightweight

An aluminium gate is lighter making it easier to open and close.

A gate made of aluminium will take less of a toll on the gate track, gate rollers, gate wheels and gate hinges that help your gate open.

Your automatic gate opener will last longer as well due to less stress, wear and tear on the unit.

Easier to Maintain

Iron driveway gates rust and requires regular maintenance. Iron gates should be cleaned and sanded regularly to remove rust, and then must be painted to prevent rust from returning.

Aluminium gate requires much less attention because the colorbond colored powder coat coating is flexible and will withstand the harsh Australian climate and the best part is that aluminium doesn’t rust.

All the maintenance that an aluminium gate requires is a general wash down and lubrication of moving parts like the gate hinges or gate rollers.


If you are looking for aluminium driveway gate and automatic gate opener in Brisbane. QMods is your one stop shop.

Not only do we design and install our aluminium gates, but we also provide other services. Concreting slide gate strips, electrical, supply and installation of automatic slide and swing gate openers  is also offered at QMods.

Gate opener service and repairs is another service QMods supply as well as solar powered gate openers.

Operating from the Sunshine Coast to the Gold Coast, Brisbane to Ipswich. We’ve got you covered for all your electric gate needs.

Give QMods Gates and Automation a call today to discus your new driveway gate and gate opener.